You are Needed!

“When you are alone, time passes very slowly. Thank you for showing you care. It helps a lot.”

Our nation is on the cusp of one of the most dramatic demographic shifts in its history as a projected 71.5 million people will be age 65 or older by the year 2030.  And we recognize that aging is, for many, a complex and fearful unknown – but it doesn’t have to be.

With the help of neighbors like you, who are looking for ways to give back, or even just looking for something to do with your free time, our local Elderly don’t have to fear neglect.

We…. THEY…  need YOU!

Give Locally – 7 Reasons the Elderly Need You:

The local community benefits when its residents give to others. Those residents make their community a better place to work and live, especially when helping older adults. Here are several reasons people over 65 years of age need your help:

Almost half of older women (45%) age 75+ live alone. Source

About 28% (12.1 million) of noninstitutionalized older persons live alone (8.4 million women, 3.7 million men). Source

More than one in five (21%) Americans age 65 and older do not drive. Source 

Non-drivers have a decreased ability to participate in the community and the economy. Source

Hunger threatens over 9 million older adults. Source

1 million homebound seniors are malnourished. Source

The high suicide rates of the elderly. Source

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There is nothing too big or too small that you could do. Every act lets someone know they aren’t forgotten! THANK YOU!